Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Our Christmas Eve

as promised, here are some of the photos taken during Christmas Eve with my in laws at Island Cove Hotel... please bear with the blurry shots, my eyes are kinda cranky already that's why... sus! palusot pa... lol... di ko lang ma-gets ang setting that i should used that time.. hahahaha!

here is me in my ala- Kris Aquino pose at the hotel lobby.. fyi: sabi kasi ni Kris Aquino with this pose magmu-mukha kang payat! hahaha... ya' know what i mean eh? :p

here naman is my pamangkin Myk Dillian trying to kill Count Dacula of Sesame Street VCD my sister gave her... mumu daw! hahaha.. kids talaga.
in the other picture is my MIL carrying the youngest apo of the family Gab... while i was picturing them, hubby is joking about my MIL looking like Santa Clause behind Gab.. funny lang talaga si loko. lol

another photo of Gab with her mom (my SIL) Beegel, she's so payat after giving birth and it's so unfair! hehehe... why am i so fat?! ehehhe...
next picture naman is my SIL Bibsy with her kids Meg and Myk with my little Brat..taken upon our arrival, thus explains the shock face of Olin... nangilala nanaman ang dalaginding ko! hehehe

and here is our First Christmas Eve family picture! wacky shot daw... jesters and clowns :)

good thing i was able to take a shot of this gifts before it got ransack by the kids and the kids at heart :)

here is Myk looking so envious of what her ate got... naku, danger! pang parlor ang natipuhan!

a shot from above, trying to get a good photo of Olin being so lito with her loots, but her tatay wants her to open gifts one after another that explains the gifts in line beside her.. in order! lol

there! our first family Christmas eve documented. next post will be the actual Christmas experience :)