Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Day

here is our actual Christmas day photos after hearing the morning mass. we headed straight to my parents house this time, where my mom, aunt, sis and cousin are waiting... of course for the little bida of the family.. Olin! they weren't able to go with us for the mass since they had already attended the anticipated midnight mass, thus explains the pambahay outfit daw nila.. hehe..explain pa din eh! lol

my family... first Christmas picture.. Olin is kinda hard to focus these days... super kulit na!
the other photo is my aunt, can you believe she's the oldest amongst her siblings?! yeah..slim pa din ang lola nyo!

here is my mom and my tita... super happy to see their unica apo...

my sister this time, giving her present to her pamangkin/inaanak... and the little girl knows how to accept gifts na talaga! well trained! hehehe...

another photo opt with the bida... my sister and i proudly posing with our little bundle of joy this Christmas!