Tuesday, January 01, 2008

media noche

here is our table all set for the Media Noche... got the 12 round fruits, pancit for long life, palutang that signifies the family closeness and the life's wealth (because it's palitaw), leche flan, fruit salad for dessert, chocolates tarts candies for sweetness, donuts for the circle thing luck, buttered shrimp, calamares, steamed lapu-lapu and tacos. it has been a yearly tradition to set the table with foods that said to bring good luck for the family. this year also marks our first family new year.
we had dinner at my in laws and spend the 12 midnight bang at my parents house after which we went home an hour later.
so how was your new year? be posting more photos later... we'll just have our lunch :)
happy new year everyone!


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