Wednesday, January 02, 2008

her Christmas presents

since this is her first Christmas, i made sure that everything is documented. so when she grows up she'll be able to herself and how cute she is during these times :)
here is her couch brought over by her ninong Jet and Ninang Ai... she immediately got a connection with it and made herself feel at home that instant! she even sleep there in no time.

in here naman, Olin is being so busy opening her presents, and she was so attentive to stuff toys and toys that she was able to open. clothes are deadma for now, but mommy loves it of course! i'm already thinking when she will wear those tons of clothes. hehehe

here are the gifts she had received... high chair from her Lola, number of clothes, pj's robes, bags etc. thank you all! :)


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

ganda nyang sofa bed nya sis.


Carlota said...

awweeee how cute. she sure so comfy on her couch. i think she's been good huh. lol . enjoyed your previous pics. she's so cute.

recel said...

awwww! who doesn't like gifts, eh? ganda naman... daming gifts ni little olin ha!

happy new year pala sis! click ko later yang hot top momma ba yan? hehe...