Wednesday, December 26, 2007

something from me etc

in addition to the stuff i got from my meet up with Peachy last Sunday is this pretty Liz Claiborne bag that i bought from her, paid using my paypal money! woohoo! now this is my Christmas gift for myself :) beside the bag i also got long wallets, at long last my stolen Fossil had been replaced... finally.

anyhoo, the yaya is gone for her Christmas vacation and will be back (hopefully) on January 3. you know, she might text and tells us that she'll be home in January 4 or 5 or 6 and so on.... she went home to her province yesterday morning thus making me the 'doer' here in the house, making me have a little less time for my online stuffs... i'm trying my best to maximize my time here, so i can finish some opps sent my way.... there are so many stories to tell but time restricts me to... and yeah, i got another hosting racket again tomorrow for a wedding, and yep it's our 2nd year anniversary and i will be working! kamusta naman yun?! hahahaha...
oops, gotta go now... Olin wants to go out... see yah!