Thursday, December 27, 2007

fast forward

ive'd been so uber busy these past few days that i need to finish some of the opps been thrown my way... i need to catch up with lots of your stories too.. but you see, bottle cleaning, cooking, sterilizing, cleaning the house, bathing the brat, washing dishes among many others keeps me away from my laptop... yaya less for two days now! and its not easy i tell you...specially when you got a cruiser/crawler baby! whew! i'm shedding off pounds you know... and i'm loving it! woohoo!
so there, i need to keep this short and i'm leaving you with my joker baby during her first Christmas Eve... opening of gifts! :) she loves the wrapper i tell you... :) lol.
and yeah... tomorrow marks our 2nd year anniversary! woohoo!
catch yah' guys later!


macy said...

sis,happy anniversary!!!