Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First Family Christmas!

2007 marks our first Christmas as a family and it we had the busiest schedule this time. had to take a blog off for two days for me to attend some scheduled errands. the morning of 24th my sister and i was at my friend Paula's house to help her with the baking of Chocolate Krinkles, Banana and Carrot Cake that i'm suppose to give to our Ninangs and friends. the cakes was so yummy as expected ;) we finished with the baking around 6pm already. we had to rush since we are scheduled to have our dinner at Island Cove with my in laws, who were already checked in at the hotel. what i fussed about is the real deal traffic we encountered on our way to Island Cove, the usual fifteen minute drive turned out to one hour and thirty minutes uber waiting for the cars to move. made us into hungry monster i tell you. lol. exactly 12mn we started handing out gifts and the kids are all awake in their pj's opening their loots. got so many pictures of the family Christmas bonding and will post it later. but for now, let me again greet you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!