Friday, December 14, 2007

jumbled.choco fix need

whew! the blogger mommy needs a break now... time for a huge sugar fix! choco-mint bomb from GJ is just great! :) something i'm needing right now... :) but how can i have my dose if i'm here at home in front of my lappy talking crap? aahhhh.... i should have go with the husband... tsk, tsk, tsk.... nevah mind, i'll just make myself one hot cup of choco... next week, i promise, i'll get me a large order of this yumminess! hehehehe...

anyways, how are you today friends? please bear with my dikit-dikit blue posts ah... it's all due today and tomorrow, so nilagari ko na para ok na lahat!

what am i up to this weekend? busy i guess.
tomorrow my former officemates will have a little get together/dinner at Lovemela's house in Cavite City. i'm thinking of what to bring, cake or ice cream? humhum..bahala na si batman!

here's another story, this morning i was chatting over YM with my barkada Glen and she told me about their plan for Christmas, a mini charity for the street kids of Cavite City, she said that we the tropa can come up with something for the kids, i dunno maybe we'll cook something for them or pack lunch or we'll prepare plastic goodies for them, with few games too. well i'm hoping this plan will push thru, it's not everyday we can share our blessings naman di ba... that even though we are not rich we still can share some of the things we have... for a more happy Christmas!