Friday, December 14, 2007

wrapped out

at last the gifts are already wrapped! well, i took the pictures during my wrapping session yesterday afternoon. it's a good thing that i was able to finish this all up because i learned that there are still inaanak's without gifts! gawdness gracious! so we still have to do some cramming full of gift shopping!
purchased a lot of Disney toys for the tots and some Pokemon collectibles for the older kids. for the girls, i bought bubble blouses that i forgot to get a picture of, memory gap! and for the older girls are sling pouches with P___ billl.. sorry.. kuripot si ninang ngayon! hehehehe...

the other gifts are already wrapped but haven't got the time for the kodak moments. so next time na lang.

you see the head bands above? it will be my fair gifts to my former officemates :) uniform pa din! hehehehe...

as of the moment, we still doesn't have gifts for the parents... calling mare'ng Peachy! :) yoohooo! hehehehe... where are your merchandise? discount ah! :)


Carlota said...

wow what a cute gifts. head band so cute.

Mec said...


aw3awa talaga mga loved ones namin, wala talaga sila mapapala samin :D