Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mcoy and Ethel - Voluntary Exit!

heard the latest news in PBB!? Mcoy and Ethel had their voluntary exit this morning. why? because they had enough. enough of everything, from the punishment they had to suffer to the issue of plagiarism thrown to Mcoy. the latter felt insulted by the words said by Big Brother, thus made him so furious and just decided to exit. but behind all this many live stream viewers are flaming with anger because their live feed were cut during those controversial moments! they are asking why the show has to censored those scenes for five long hours! it was also said that Big Brother let Ethel go because she threaten to burn down the house for real. it's just so sad because Ethel and Mcoy are the two strongest contenders of the reality show. but many are asking if it is indeed a reality show or a scripted one?! Big Brother just got a slap straight in his face having Mcoy who's so bright and full of sense as one of the housemate. while Ethel on the other hand is one of the most wanted celebrity being watched by the Pinoy all over the world. 24/7 live stream subscribers are now asking for giving their payment refund, because they are so disappointed on what the show gives them. Also, one thing being discussed in forums against the show is the celebrity guest Mariel who is having the longest stay in the house as a guest or whatsoever, being the favorite of Big Brother et al. i can't wait to watch the prime time telecast later... if the chickas are true then this PBB season is soon to fall... alright then, need to search for a degree online


halimuyuck said...

may video ako ng morning wakeup call ng mga housemates one day after Mcoy exited, nandito: