Tuesday, November 20, 2007


ok now... before it turn my computer off lemme leave you with a cutie picture of my daughter Olin... who uberly loves Yakult! that you wouldn't miss her cuteness smile whenever you give her favorite drink..nah, she doesn't drink straight from the bottle just so you know...we usually transfer it to her sippy cup after she plays with the cold bottle!
fyi... her dad doesn't like Yakult, i mean he even hates the taste! hehehe... i guess for the sour taste. but i on the other hand uber loves it, since my childhood days! and yeah, she also loves yogurt -- something she also got from me! same taste buds eh?! like mother like child...

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angela said...

blog hopping!
cute baby :)(reminds me of the "achim-achim" face my daughter used to make when eating mangoes when she was younger)
voted na rin po :)
i'll link you up ha, hope that's ok.

Mai said...

hihihi! ang cute cute naman ng smile ni olin...with matching pikit-pikit pa si dalaginding hehe!