Wednesday, July 18, 2007

today is a busy week

hi fellow bloggers! it's been a very busy week for me, that is why i seldom visit your blogs... how i miss bloghopping! well anyways, i owe you my weekend kwento since we had this family day out at Canyon Woods and a night out with my hubby's cousins and siblings. i'll make kwento on that one as soon as i can and yeah, post pictures too! :) but if you wanna see the pictures, just click here.

with olin's latest, she is now a crawler! :) caught her on her fours few days ago... and we just can't leave her alone now, coz she might fall and that scares me, remember my post for baby xyrille? sad... i just pray for M that she'll be able to recover from her great loss..

also, i am so thankful for my paid blogging sideline! wuhuuu! eventhough it means nose bleed,big time to me! hehehehe... i just hope that they continue being nice to me and send in my way more opp! :) CANON REBEL XTI.. you are my dream! and i'm coming right at yah! :) a lil' more opps and soon you'll be mine!!!! bwahahahaha!

bdw, i am thinking of ways to make my blog a lil' more blogger-reader friendly, since i don't want my blog to be a huge online billboard, of course, i still wanted my reader blogger friends to read my daily life stories here..and my paid bloggings are sometimes getting in their way, i think. so i guess, i'll just have my color coding for my posts.. a different font color for my paid entries while another color for my daily rants and raves! don't you think it's cool?! well, i hope so... let's see about that in a while!

meanwhile... let's get back to out regular programming! nyaks! :)


kRisTiNe said...

Hi Kathy! Love the pics. You made me miss Tagaytay =). Olin looks so malikot na. Talaga nga hindi na sila maiwan ngayon. Basta ako, kahit hindi ko na matapos chores ko eh okay lang, bantay na bantay ko talaga si Keyan. Ingats!