Wednesday, July 25, 2007

six today :)

Olin, it's been six months since i'ved brought you out in this wonderful world! :) i hope you are enjoying your life as we all do... you just don't know how happy we are to the nth level because of your presence! :)

thank you for bringing out the best in everyone of us... we are the lucky ones to have you... our Princess!

this photo were taken a few minutes after her grand arrival...

I love you Olin Rei! happy 6th month!

and happy 7th month to KEYAN... Kristine's Little Prince... gwapito baby! :)


kRisTiNe said...

Thanks for the greetings kay Keyan =). Happy 6th months ulit kay Olin! Cute and happy babies... we must be doing something right, noh?! Claps for us!

auee said...

6 months na?? Ang bilis 'no? Pretty soon she'll be running around!

Tere said...

hi kathy jan.25 ka ba nanganak? ako 10 days earlier bale jan.15 timing sa feast ng sto nino. my baby has learned to reach and eat his feet particularly his toes. am making sure lang talaga na clean yung feet nya even thou as much as possible ayaw ko sana gawin nya but our pedia said not to deprive our baby daw from thumbsucking or things like that kasi they will carry it over until cgro daw mga 9 yrs old and it becomes a frustration for them. does olin do something like that and di mo pinapa thumbsuck? did you get her name from Olin yung sa PBB teen ed.? take care.: )