Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger!

my blogger friend Lizzz voted me for ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER! :) wooohhhooooo!!!! thank you sis! :) i didn't know somebody consider ME as rockin'! :)

i heard that this was first done by Roberta Ferguson, and to continue what was once started, i now have to choose 5 female bloggers. and i am voting for.... (drum roll please!)

Thet - because i find her bakla - the reason why i so dig her blog, completely honest 'bout life and all :)

Mec - idol! :) even before i started in this blogworld, her blog was my usual hangout ;p

Irel - never fails to update her blog even she's got lots of things to do.. active!

Joy - aubrey miles! teeeheee! :) super creative techy girl... thanks for sharing your talents girl!

- i dunno, i found serene atmosphere whenever i'm hanging out it her blog... shows how simple girl she is.

i really wanted to add more here... but they said five, and i guess a lot of my blogger friends are already voted for by others...

keep the rockin' girl rollin' :)


Anonymous said...

wow thanks sis!! paano ba magvote? musta na? ako hay nako exhasuted sa klase ko kanina! palagi nalang test everytime walnag lecture! 2 essays nagawa ko isa homework ang isa naman sa actual test! Thankd god namna pased ako so schedule ko nanaman itong writing test big test ko thursday night so hopefully i can pass passing grade kasi 510 so hopefully I do better than that! lol:) thanks again and take care always:)