Thursday, July 26, 2007

10 Random Facts About My Mom

a few days ago, i was tagged by mommychi, and this time it's all about my mom! :) which actually excites me! since me and my mom are bestfriends i guess it wouldn't be hard for me to think of random facts about her...

1. Mercedita in her birth certificate, Mercy as she writes in every forms she fills up, Chie for her family and friends, Echie for the elders in the neighborhood, Mami Chie for most of the neighbors and friends. Mama to me and jonah, Grandma to Olin --- sosyal ang lola mo! :)

2. My mom is a SAHM eversince with rackets on both sides, front and back! she has to, esp in our younger years when papa was still in the military. His monthly income most of the time cannot meet ends even at its stretchiest. That is why mama has to accept a lot of sidelines.

3. Mama excels in cooking! she's always invited in the fiesta's and other occasions of closest friends to cook. Even my friends loves her home cooked meal that is why a lot of them keeps on going back to our house to hang out with the intention of having free lunch and dinner! hehehehe...

4. She's super kind to everyone, like the neighbors who are in need of financial help, i mean even with a little amount of money left in her wallet and somebody asks her help, she'll lend it. that is why most of the time we'll have an argument regarding that.

5. She has a little store that is open for UTANG (charge), goodness! sometimes people are real-time USERS! and up to this time, there is one family in the neighborhood who owes her more than P2,000! it's been 8 months and they're still not paying. nerves!

6. She loves her family to the max. Giving everything she can to help our relatives. Even she ends up broke most of the time.

7. Though my papa has his time of being a 'pasaway na husband' you wouldn't caught my mom following trails of him to the beerhouses he's been hanging out. She's not like the other wives who would go out of their way and stoop down their level to be a war freak in places such as those. Good thing my father has changed after having his bunso. :)

8. My mom is my bestfriend. We always share the juciest gossips in town! :) even the happenings in my work, she knows it, and she's been friends with my co-workers as well! Sometimes, you' ll catch us at 12 midnight just having chixmax!

9. She so love being a first time grandmother! been giving my daughter the best-est lola care the world can offer. and it melts my heart whenever i sees them sleeping cuddled up so close.

10. She's been a wonderful and supportive mother-in-law to Amiel. Though they started rough at first (bf-gf time) now they are inseperable! :)