Monday, July 23, 2007

Super L

what a busy weekend it was for us! :) had a three-day family bonding! happy happy days for us, i must say! :)

friday :
i decided not to go to work since original plan was to have an undertime for it was Olin's Vaccine schedule... and yeah, the previous plan of changing her Pedia pushed through! finally...after a very long time of considering and weighing things up... you see, with Pedia 1 we didn't have to go through the long time of waiting everytime we visit.. the secretary and i were friends kasi, but then, i'm really not convinced and satisfied with Pedia 1 eversince, given the fact that she's not actually a breastfeeding advocate, and having different views matters to me. a lot. remember the time when Olin's not having regular pooh-pooing? and given that she's 100% breastfeed, but have formula back-up just in case. Then this Pedia 1 suggested that we change the formula to a lacto free. But hello!?! she just doesn't get it noh, 100% BREASTFEED!!! so why put the blame on the formula?! goodness! well, amongst other reasons as well.

so there, finally brought Olin to Pedia 2... boy, it was first time to us to wait for our turn! and we thought it was forever, but hey, it was a ok! i can say it was worth the wait. Pedia 2 miticulously checked up Olin and she welcomes her with bright smiles and giggles, she loves the clinic as well with all the toys surrounding her and all that colorful-hanging toys for their eyes fascination. Doc A, as we call him told us that we have a SUPER L -Super Likot baby! :) and a very healthy one too! :) Thank God!
After his routine check-up he then proceeded on giving Olin her 3rd dose of 6in1 vaccine. and surprise, surprise! he gave us P500 discount! and yeah, she never cried during the vaccination! brave baby! teeeheee! next month will be her Rotarix and IPD shots which will costs us around P8000 for the two. waaaahhhhh!!!! but then again, as long as our daughter is giddily healthy that is so fine with us! :)

latest pic of Olin -- look how bungisngis my brat is! :)
saturday and sunday:
we had a full day bonding time! since it was yaya's day off we had her full controlled! :) We hear mass Sunday morning and we visited my in-laws and had some time also with Tito Boylit as we talks about softwares and programs and of course SLR Camera's and how he convince me with getting a Nikod D40x rather than Canon Rebel XTI since it has better features and stuff. I still dunno, it'll costs me like $400 or more for that! i'm already nose-bleeding to the nth power for all my paid bloggings! and additional moolah for a camera might kill me! nyahahahaha! well i just hope and pray that paid posts will be generous enough to me and give me more assignments! please! :)

another happy kwento: i just got approved from one of my application for the paid reviews! weeeee! nose-bleed, here i come! :)

i'm leaving you with a link to Olin's latest sister's the one who uploaded this and i just got the link.
Video 1 - while playing in her crib --- olin rei
Video 2 - during her first drink of an apple juice! --- olin


kRisTiNe said...

Happy 6 months Olin ;)!

Mec said...

ahehe... we're looking for a Pedia na nga din eh... chances are, we'd get nga my hubs' cousin's recommendation kasi that pedia knows hubs' cousin (they're both doctors)... we're hoping the connection will make him more meticulous din with our baby :D

anyway, inggit ako! i still don't have a dslr... haay...

auee said...

ah good hint siguro yung waiting time sa Pedia 2... ibig sabihin maraming may gusto sa kanya... Goodluck to Olin for the next immuno session