Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lots of Lots But Where

in connection with my previous entry about my dream house, another thing that comes to mind is where actually in the world you are going put up that dream house?! wow! big time dreaming on... just let me fantasize here will you? :) hehehehe...
location, that is another question if you are going to locate a place for putting up a house. In fact, it is the biggest issue you are going to face since looking for a real estate nowadays is really hard, specifically if you wanted to have your home near everything from the church, to the market, to the schools, to the shopping malls, police stations and even fire stations. Everything must be put into consideration. Evrything must be accesible and safe for everyone.
So if ever time will come that'll you will have to locate an estate, better make sure that all the things needed is accesible and everything else will surely follow.