Monday, June 25, 2007

5th month

today is Olin Rei's 5th month birthday...

time surely flies way too fast. In a few months time you'll be on your feet and will learn to explore things on your another months you'll be babbling words and maybe then we wouldn't be able to make you stop talking.. and maybe, a vase or two of your granda will be shattered into pieces and hopely she won't get mad
( i bet, she won't) your a lola's girl remember?! :)

i can't wait for more smiles that'll you'll bring us Anak... I hope you can feel the love and care everyone is showering you... you simply brings out the best in everyone of us... We thank God for you. For life wouldn't be this great and complete without you... I love you Olin, Tatay, Grandma, Daddy, Lola, Lolo, Auntie, Ninang, Kuya, Ate,Ninong loves you very much...

in a few more hours we'll be able to see each other again, after a long day of work, you are the one i need (besides your tatay of course) for me to regain my sanity and strength.

Happy 5th month Birthday Anak! :)


Litzie said...

oh wow kathy 5 months na si olin today? si dustin naman kahapon, 3 months na. still colicky at super iyakin pa rin pero now we hear him cooing and smiling na if he's not fussy.

well, i wish olin to be very healthy and be a good girl to you and her tatay.

kisses to your adorable daughter kathy!

Mec said...

awww... ang bittersweet no, how she's growing up so fast? :)

kRisTiNe said...

Happy 5th month Olin =)!

kathy said...

What a cute little baby! Happy 5 months! ;)
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Will add you to my blogroll, katokayo. :)