Thursday, June 28, 2007

nose bleed and everythaaang!!!!

been absent in the bloghopping scene for a day now... wanna know why? coz i decided to make another blog! :)
yep yep yep! the inggetera inside me urge me to make another one, just like most of my blogger friends... and another reason, since i'm into paid blogging mode for some weeks now, and unluckily this blog was rejected by PPP :( for the reason that many of my entries/posts are not in the english form. gawdemet! paksyet na yan! malay ko bang magkakaron ng paid blogging pagdating ng oras, di sana nuon pa ka nose-bleed kaka-english! :) at neng, di lang nose bleed ang inaabot ko ngaun ha, take note, internal bleeding na toh!!! hehehehe...
well anyway, so just in case you wanted to visit my new home kindly link me up as well... it'll be very much appreciated too!