Sunday, June 17, 2007


To my Husband, Happy 1st Father's Day, Olin is very lucky to have you as her TATAY... i may not often say this to you, but really, i am so blessed to have you... I Love you...

to the most important men in our family... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

My Papa, who have given me and my sister everything even without us asking, Thank You Very Much.
For the sacrifices that you had gone thru just to provide your Family the best of the world can offer.
We may not be the rich a family, but with all your love and support and care... we can say that we are indeed the Luckiest. :)
And now that you have an apo already, i am so happy to see that you're so much in love with her, just like treating her your own daughter, errr, even better!

To my Father-In-Law, i thank you for bringing up such a good son, whom i am married to. That without you, Amiel will never be the man i dreamed of growing up with. You brought up a very good son...
I also thank you for the love and everything you'ved given me and Olin... we are blessed for having you.


feng said...

aww, ang sweet naman ng mga photos na yan. have it blown up. ang ganda tingnan ng mag-ama mo. happy father's day to your hubs. :)

kathy said...

hi sis.. happy father's day din to ur hubby! :)
oo nga, supposedly plan kong ipa-blow up tas un ang gift ko sa kanya for father's day. but didnt push kze ako sa caricature! hehehe