Thursday, June 14, 2007

weekend wrap

haven't been able to make kwento of the latest chismax in my life for some time now...
lemme start...

june 9-11 -- was a very looong vacation for us Filipino Workers... but not for me though. we had a mega-general cleaning of the house-- a prepa mode for the arrival of my father.

fyi: my father is a neat freak to the nth level, as in. and im not exagerrating, mind you ha... he's the type of guy you would see 'round the house holding the broom and the dust pan! he has this never ending feud with dirt and everything that has something to do with it. maybe that's another reason why my mama is sooo in love this man.. :) coz she's free from one chore! hehehe...
back to our preps, for 10+ years of working outside the Pi, whenever he comes back home he'll make sure to run he's finger at the top of all our doors,where dust might have stayed, he'll definitely checks the cr lavatory and drain area, our bedrooms, the altar - a must kept clean area. the hanging lighting fixtures in the dining area and everything else in between. Full blooded OC isn't?! Especially now, that he already have an apo, a regular call from him reminding us to keep the house clean and anti-bacterial/virus. that would trully benefit everyone.
and i trully adore my papa for being like that. :)

june 12: papa's arrival. we went to the airport to fetch him... i brought my camera with me and of course the new 'bida' of the family.. OLIN! only mama, jonah and olin were able to enter the arrival area, since our pass is good only for 2 adults.. so Amiel and I just waited across the arrival area of the airport...waited for like 20 minutes or so, i just can't wait to see my father's reaction when he see's her first camera is zoomed in, ready to capture one of those precious moments... and then we saw him... waving and smiling all at the same time.. until he was almost face to face with my mom and olin when this gigantic GENESIS SHUTTLE BUS PARKED INFRONT OF US! making it impossible to see that special scene! bummer! up to now, i can still feel the badtrip the Genesis bus has brought me. Argh.
anyways, past is past. cannot hold on that badtrip feeling for so long. :)

what's really nice now is everyday seeing that bonding my father and my daughter has... we go to work every morning and Olin is being left to their care, papa would stroll her round the subdivision and when she cries he will then carry her and kiss her and talk to her and play with her... and i loved it. i so love the feeling im having right now, knowing that my daughter is being loved by all the people around her, not to mention my parents in law who really enjoys their first female apo. :)

this coming sunday will be father's day... i already have their gift ready... but i cannot tell it here yet... maybe in my next post together with the picture.. i just hope that they would love it. :)

and yeah, to all the fathers i know.. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! :)


kRisTiNe said...

Awww.. ang sweet! Believe me I understand the OC-ness of your dad, my mom is one. Her bestfriend is the vacuum cleaner. And for somebody who's into recycling, she drinks toilet paper like water. Olin is a very lucky little girl ;p!

N!cE said...

you sure are blessed to have such a dad! :)