Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day That Was

here now is my Father's Day kwento... since it is hubby's first and my father is here for vacation, my mom,sister and i wanted to have something special for them. But my papa doesn't feel like going out, that's why we just invited our relatives to come over to our house and have a little family bonding...

amiel,olin and i went to church a little late than the usual, only the three of us, since mama and papa already attended the anticipated mass of saturday night. mama and yaya took charge in preparing the foods.
before we leave for the church, i gave papa and amiel their gifts... caricature paintings of themselves! este,with hubs, a caricature of our family! hehehe...
so glad, because both of them loved their gifts! :)


wasn't able to get a picture of them while holding the caricature frames eh, was too shy for the camera. :)


and for another milestone of OLIN... we feed her na! :0
yup, read that right, at 4 months and 3 weeks to be exact & she already had her first taste of an infant cereal! (palakpakan)

even without her pedia's advice :( i dunno, i just felt that Olin is all geared up na in eating, that's why. and by the way, mateo of andrea is already into cerelac at 4 months! kaya siguro malakas loob ko. hehehe

how was it for Olin? she LOVES IT! i mean, we didn't expect that'll she'll be able to get a hang of it at that instant. My father was the first to feed her... (kasabihan,yung malakas daw kumain ;p )
her first meal was Milupa's Tasty Wheat Infant Cereal... i mixed it with warm breastmilk.. voila! yummy treat!


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Kathy. Belated Happy Father's Day to the special men in your life.

Those are lovely caricatures! Such wonderful keepsakes.

Heart of Rachel said...

BTW, congrats to OLIN on her first taste of solid food. Thanks for sharing this wonderful milestone.

kathy said...

salamat rachel! :) same to you!