Monday, May 21, 2007


after my work last saturday Amiel and I went to SM to buy some of Olin's supplies and teether...kze for like sometime now, she's been having a fight-scene with her bottle nipple, and whenever she's being defeated by the lokong bottle nipple she'll have then this super-iyak power... hmmm... we wonder why. Until yaya and mama saw white-something beginning to show on her lower gums, maybe she's teething! we don't really know for sure but all we care is that she finds relief whenever she has something to bite... kaya i looked for a teether that'll not be too big for her and the one that she can hold on to. and i found one, string-like teether from The First Years.
I think she now found a new best friend... besides her fist! :0


auee said...

Ang cute naman ni Olin, mukhang yummy ang kamay nya hehe

Nakabili ka ba ng teething cream? It helped my boy when he was in that stage.

kathy said...

hi sis! mukha ngang yummy ang kamay nya at lagi nya kinakain! ;)
talaga meron palang teething cream.. sige titingin ako nyan... tnx for the info! hehehehe

feng said...

wow kathy, teething na pa si Olin. naku, watch out for a lot of droolings, make sure to have bibs around :). Olin may also experience some watery poops, yung ibang babies naman nilalagnat din.

i also have that teething cream eh when my son was teething. i forgot lang the brandname. anwy, you can check it out in the drugstores.

kathy said...

hi feng! um, actually we're not sure kung talagang teething na cia,pero she likes to bite everthing eh,and yes, she's quite drooling na.. hehehe.. oo nga, meron pala ngang teething cream... buti na lang anjan kayo mga sis! ;)

YETTE said...

hi kathy! i tagged you! please visit my blog for "the rules". =D

take care! =D

auee said...

no worries kathy :-)

glad to help... kaya din ako nasali ng PMN to get tips from seasoned mommies

kathy said...

hi yette!
thanks for the tag.. ;)