Friday, May 18, 2007

Starstruck Strakatak!

yesterday, amiel told us that Dominic Ochoa will be attending their weekly meet-ups of their Oldskooler group (restored car enthusiast) at West Gate Alabang, so my sister and i ask him if we can tag along! and we did! :) primarily because we wanted to see Dominic and siyempre for a night out na din! :)
around 11pm when we arrived and i think 5 members were already at the meeting place including Dominic, before we get out of the car i joke amiel that i wanna have a pic with him! and he said sige,mamya. :)
so while they were having their chit chats, jonah and i make tambay at gloria jeans and ordered mint-choco bomb for me and cookies and cream for her we then stayed hotshots burger and had nachos while chika to the max kame.
around 1am we decided to go back to the meeting area where the guys were at. when dominic was about to make paalam na, amiel ask him if he can have a picture taken with his wife (yep, that's me!) kze daw i requested for it! shet! nakakahiya talaga! :) i dunno what to do,parang i wanted the good-ol'-earth just eat me up na lang! but then, ayun na eh, kahiyaan na.. kaya,picture picture! nyaehehehe.. and look how disgusting i looked! i was so dyahe when Dominic put his hand on my shoulder kaya napa-slump ako ng tayo! walang ka-poise-poise! bwiset talaga! and i looked so matrona! nyahahahaha!!!! that's how it feels pala pag na-star-struck. i wonder how i will look with aga or sam?! :)
as i was browsing the pics earlier today, goodness! i couldn't believe that i looked so lousy last night, how mataba i am and how walang ka-poise i was. kaya i made my friend Paula took a picture of me around 7 am kanina... how i wish i was like this nung nagpa-pic ako last night. :(