Monday, May 14, 2007

my first mother's day

a day before Mother's day -- Amiel, I and Olin checked in at Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park for an overnight stay... fyi: that GC was supposedly used during Olin's baptism pero we decided not to use it on that day mismo... cause we had visitors pa sa house and we cannot just leave them there :) blah, blah, blah...
2pm we were already checking in, and since it was a weekend, a lot of people are also lining up na, good thing, 4 days before we had our reservations na kaya thank God we didn't have to wait for so long pa to have a room. They got us a Veranda Matrimonial Room facing the bay... which was so cool! big enough for the 3 of us! :)
after arranging our things and Olin's baby stuffs we just let the time pass since it was way too hot pa to walk around, kaya i just fed Olin while Amiel do the, the tv pala. hehehe.
around 5pm, we then decided to stroll around the area, and was able to find ourselves at the Island Cove Farm, medyo late na din

pero the manong at the gate told us na 6pm pa naman daw ang closing, kaya pwede pa kame pumasyal. Upon entrance, nakita naming medyo malayo ang lakarin, and with Olin in-tow, it'll be ipossible for us to walk all the way the farm given pang rough road ha... that's why pala they have bicyles and sidecars for rent! ayun, we get one and off we took the looong rocky path (see pics at the left side)... blooper1: super bigat ko kaya kaya Amiel had a hard time with the bike itself 'tas halfway to the crocodile farm ung front wheel na-flat pa! . :( diba pasaway! pero continue pa din kame... until we reached the farm with lotsa crocs, we were actually the last batch kze right after we payed for the entrance eh nag-checkout na yung cashier! hehehe.. ayun, picture-picture mode kame, after maikot yung crocs place we headed naman sa mini zoo.. blooper2: while riding the sidecar, yung kadena naman ang nasira! ay grabe talaga! kaya agad niremedyuhan ni Amiel kze if not, naku aabutin kame ng dilim dun! hehehe... kawawa naman si Olin, hamog na!
after the makasaysayang farm tour, direcho na kame sa Fishing Village for our dinner... si Olin sa sobrang pagod, ayun nakatulog na while we were eating. Nung mga halfway done na kame nagising cia at nag-usyosa samin! :)

The following morning -- Mother's day, aga kame nagising to have our breakfast sa hotel resto... buffet breakfast kaya kelangang early bird! hehehe... we had a feast! :) 'tas since it was mom's day, a rose was given to every mommy at the resto. sweet diba!

kaya time for picture-picture ulet! nyahehehehe..

'twas surely my most memorable Mother's day because it was also my first! :0


YETTE said...

hello po! just dropping by from mommy melisse's blog.

belated happy mom's day! =D

kathy said...

hi yette! thanks for the visit and belated happy mom's day too!

kRisTiNe said...

Ang bait naman ng baby girl nyo... ready na ready sa lakwatsahan!

auee said...

hi belated happy mother's day... just bloghopped from PMN... your site is very pretty... I will come back to read your older posts later