Wednesday, May 10, 2006


..days ago was able to get in touch with a fellow JOANNE YAP. actually, scrapbooker siya, at di lang basta basta...she does it for BIG CLIENT and when i say BIG i mean really BIG.
..if you're the type who wanted something different for your photo-keepsake, like your kinda bored with the idea of the old-type-photo-album or the typical-so-expensive-lay-outing, and self-accepted na hindi me.. u can try well, base sa huling pag-uusap namin, mura lang siya actually sumingil.. given the fact na mahirap gumawa ng scrapbook, kanya lahat ng materials,you'll just have to provide the pictures...
..ako, digiscrap pa lang pinagkakaabalahan ko, mas madali for me, atleast, i can get away with real scissors and papers.. plus meron akong button na undo! ;p
...meron nga rin pala invitesa
...go check it out!