Wednesday, April 16, 2014


i was checking my online account to see if it is possible for me to buy something online, a cool designer bag, some make ups or watches  from Reeds maybe. you see, i myself is honest enough to tell that at this very moment i am not capable of buying the real slash genuine rolex, well although i know that there are still a lot who prefers to purchase the thousand worth one, good for them because they got more than enough moolah! but as for me, i am so settled to at least get a replica rolex. but guess what, i heard that even some of the collectors of such expensive watches do also buy the replicas! que horror, meaning some of them even wears the fake ones! oh my, but we can never tell right? because we know that they collect! that is one hell of an advantage for their part, they are already wearing the cheap ones but men, looks the same as the thousand bucks worth... lucky them!