Wednesday, April 16, 2014

homey sites

I have been checking out home style sites lately, because a friend just recommend the site as she was looking out for the nicest home stuff finds for their new nook. Well, although I'm not looking or shall I say on the hunt for new items for our house, I just couldn't stop myself from browsing the said site! for you see, it has the most beautiful pieces a dainty home should have! from couch cushions online  to wooden mirrors and wooden screens! everything is there. Actually, if you are into house redecorating or house planning, you can check out their site and see for yourself how this site can practically help you in creating the most welcoming and homey ambiance of a home must have. They also have super beautiful wooden screensa and partitions for the houses that needs a little more privacy or for a home that is kind of small, having this nice partitions can create a sudden feel of interior design with the effect of giving space and privacy to the owner. When it comes to mirrors, my mom and dad are a couple who loves collecting this fine pieces, it wasn't passed on to me obviously because up to now, I still couldn't get the idea of why they have to have almost every sizes and designs for the house! But as to what my dad often tells me, it's actually a good luck for a house to have plenty of nice and clean mirrors, it's just like reflecting the blessings in more folds in reflection! Well, it maybe true you know, for the rich and the famous houses also have their share of mirror collections too! But for me, as long as it is nice and can make the house more homey and welcoming, I'd love to have it!