Tuesday, December 06, 2011

funny shirts

My husband and my sister has something in common, their love for funny t shirts it is! Would you believe that they actually search online for websites that sells out shirts like the ones below. Really funny isn't?!

Fun Duct Tape T-shirt Game Over Marriage t shirt
Anyways, if you too are looking for shirts you can check out www.foulmouthshirts.com and see for yourself the nicest designs they offer, plus the softest tees material of their every single shirt piece. It was my sister who first saw this site and immediately send me the link of the site so I can check out the nicest tess they has to offer. Since I've been looking for affordable shirts for the husband, it's summer time now and we all need some new set of wardrobe right!? so there, I have some good reason to splurge some more! And the escape reason is very effective I must say, you see, after letting the husband know about this site, he on his own surf and select designs that catches his eyes! And guess what, he was able to chose few numbers of shirt colors and designs. Well, actually I too have my own selected sexy shirts on my list now. I might order it too together with the selections the husband made. And with all the positive raves from other customers regarding the softness and the comfortability the shirt has to offer! I can't even trim down my choices now! lol.