Thursday, November 24, 2011

truck biz

speaking of business and the plan to start one, have i mention before that i have a childhood friend that is now into trucking business? well if i wasn't able to say that before let me write about that now. oh where am in? yeah, trucking business, and when i say trucking it means the big and fab ten wheeler trucks that are being used in the logistic company wherein it hauls those long and gigantic container vans for imports or exports that are being send out to piers and ports of the country. yes, my friend is now considered one of the big time people here in our area! having more or less ten trucks available for lease or rent to different logistics and courier companies in the export processing zones. but of course my friend told us that its not always a lucky day for them, especially when their unit had an emergency engine trouble, you see having big engine requires specialized tools and even mechanics for that, not only the labor and the difficulty to repair but the materials and parts are the one that can cause them big hefty slash of money. what more if something bad happened to the unit itself like for example accidents among many others, that is why they decided to get an insurance for whatever trur or motorhome repair for every unit of truck they have. just to make sure and keep them in sane state. having one is such an ease especially if big amount of money are at stake. it's like making sure everything will fall into its proper places when something unwanted happens.