Wednesday, May 11, 2011

K Snaps – Thank You Cards

thank you cards - baby techie

One of our freebie included on our packages are THANK YOU CARDS – business card sized personalized layout creation for the event that are placed in each table for each guests. Anyways, aside from acquiring our own photo printing machine in the future, we are also considering getting hp laserjet ink cartridges that we can use for printing stuff like this Thank you cards. For sure once we have our own dependable printer on hand, we’ll be able to finish everything in half the time and would be able to save up on printing costs too and we can do printing at the comfort or our own nook with so much convenience at anytime! Oh well, we just wish to have more confirmed bookings so we can save up on stuff like printers and the likes!


Faye said...

nice! dami mong idea mare!:)