Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Popcorn for our movie nights

The husband and I have so many different likes and dislikes, but if there is one thing that we always enjoy doing while watching a movie is munching on popcorns! Be it plain, salted or the fancy flavored popcorn – definitely a blockbuster treat! And yes, even out daughter who is well known to picky eat surprisingly love eating and her tv time at night wouldn’t be complete without a bowl-full of buttered popcorns!

Anyways, speaking of pop corn, I was thinking if we can get our own popcorn machine to simply enjoy the best movie-house-like popcorn at home. Though the husband told me that it might be too expensive to have one of those pop corn machine, maybe I should check out first some sites online that offers variety of popcorn machines, hopefully I’d be able to see a miniature size of the ones displayed at the cinema houses for a complete real popcorn treat!

And surprise, surprise! an update, regarding my hunt for pop corn mcachine: found myself browsing over at and was so surprised to learn that they are offering  machines for home use which is priced at less than $100! very reasonably tagged for a real popcorn maker that can be displayed too at one’s entertainment room!

Here are some of my top choices among their selections, relatively sized for family consumption of popcorn – 4oz capability and miniature sized of the real huge ones at the cinema houses! Oh, would also like to grab one of their fancy signage which can serve as a display too, will give the final touch to the popcorn area! :)



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