Thursday, November 04, 2010

house plans

I have been talking a lot about homes and houses plans for dream houses for quite some time now, it is actually my mind set for this year. Well not that we are already planning of building our dream house before the year ends, because honestly, we doesn't have the big savings for that, yet. But what we are thinking now is how we can strive harder to meet our goal the soonest. But for now, aside from reading magazines that features celebrity homes and properties, I also find time to read the latest buzz from the famous cabin plans from , the most favored and well known builders of custom homes all over the US. You see, I heard that it is better to know a lot about house and home before actually getting into action, just like what my father did some eight years ago, before he finally decided to start with the our house building, he reads a lot of books and researches on so many things like home plan of house that has something to do with house building and designing. And as to what I heard from my mom, dad is again thinking of having another set of apartment or a small cabin/retirement house in one of our family’s vacant lot once he decided to pursue his retirement years.