Friday, March 12, 2010


remember the relative and the family friend that i told you about who were once and twice or more in their life became a drug dependent, well in connection with drug abuse a family friend just recently approaches and asks my mom's opinion on where to bring her niece or nephew, well i'm confused, anyways, yes, she is looking for a rehabilitation that will do the drug reha and alcoholism dependency withdrawal of the said person. having a broad experience on dealing with drug users in the family, my mom suggested different rehabilitation that might meet the needs of the person, but of course it depends on the programs the said rehab will offer for the patient like the ones being offered by videos of Passages Malibu (, they can also be seen on Passages Malibu on Twitter and facebook too Passages Malibu. in our case with my cousin, he told us that he has been to different kinds of programs since he has been to almost all the rehabs in the country, be it the highest paid rehab to the free of charge kind. and he said that some of the programs dished out for the drug dependents sometimes makes them more in the wanting feeling of taking drugs, making them feel the urge of taking again. that is why when the time came and they were discharge of the rehab they will go and have again take those dangerous drugs.and once again became a drug addict. and the cycle goes aunts and other family members will then again look for another rehab that hopefully might be able to help my cousin withdraw from his addiction