Thursday, March 04, 2010

how about a chevy

we grew up in a family without a car or anything familiar to it. as in it was just a dream for us to have one when we were still young. thankful for the super father we have that we were able to buy a second hand car during my College days. my husband who was my boyfriend then was the one who helped us in getting one. remember, he is in the buy and sell business that is why he really knows the in and outs in this field. anyways, the car is with us for almost 7 years now and my father says that if financially able and after the six door apartment he's currently investing in right now he will then try to buy a brand new car for the family. so as to say, we are collecting car quotes from different automobile companies whenever we see one in malls and other public places, you know just to get familiar with the deals and whats not etcetera. and of course, there are numerous online sites that sells out and gives online car quotes such as those available in every car related sites that gives out wholesale prices and discounts fast and free.example of the online duties they do is by providing chevy corvette quote that I would surely love to get and other car brand that you request from them.