Tuesday, March 23, 2010

prenatal vit to sexy underwear!

A friend of mine is about to give birth for her first born two months from now, and we are already thinking of throwing her a surprised baby shower party as early as April, since she's scheduled to give birth in another country. Anyways, I now wonder what to give her then.. maybe a bottle of best prenatal vitamin or something will do, by that, I'm pretty sure that she'll be able to consume that before she gives birth and I indirectly, will be able to contribute to the wellness of her child! :D
Or, how about this pretty underwear from VS which she can wear even if she has a huge bump in front of her! To make her feel sexy and confident even if she actually feels so big and all! :D
Hmmm, I think this underwear is nice for me too... maybe I'd get two in that case!