Monday, March 22, 2010

masteral for me

So last Friday we attended the graduation rites of my alma mater SSR-R, my sister who took up Bachelor of Arts in Psychology marched down and got her rolled up paper, er diploma. Anyways, after sometime of realization, it hit me, I wanted to pursue and take up business administration associate degrees or master's degree this coming school year. Something that I need to tell my dear husband, well of course, we still need to compromise on that and layout our plan and scheduling, since it'll sure eat up a lot of time during weekends - meaning, he'll do all my work and cover stuffs for me.
Anyways, since time scheduling will definitely be hard on us all, I am also considering of studying online, since it's the coolest thing on studies now. Will try checking out online schools like and see it it's meant for me or something.