Wednesday, August 12, 2009

secret tuner

I remember when my cousin dear is still staying with us and we always have a huge fight over the remote control. You see, since he is a guy, he likes watching gooey channels while I like to watch yes, let's say cheesy movies and feel good tv series - which I can watch 24/7 without break! And there enters my fury cousin because he likes to watch his favorite flick. Though we have two television sets inside the house only one unit has a cable access, which sucks I know! leaving the other tv accessible only to free and local channels. Anyways, it took us like what, three years before my dad agrees on putting a cable line on the other tv -which made my cousin dear ecstatic! He immediately does the connection or extension whatever you call that and saw him immediately search about this Adult TV like Apple TV that was still new to my senses during those times. Anyways, as curious as a cat, I managed to asked my cousin what the world he was doing with his internet and the search for this apple something stuff. Then I learned that it was all about the forever access to adult television! Now that is great isn't!? Great for my cousin! hahaha