Thursday, August 20, 2009

getting insured

getting yourself a life insurance for senior citizens is an investment that matters. well for some, it is a complet no-no. but for others, an ideal investment for your future and for the future of the people that matters to you. imagine if you are the bread winner of the family, which by the way all are expecting and leaning on you, what do you think would probably their life if something un-planned happens to you? knock on wood, but what if you had a sudden death, think of the possible things your family will have to face and conquer. sad but true. life is sometimes that harsh. one good thing with the company i am working right now is that they give us their employees a life insurance policy, although a little lesser than the others that have, it is in fact good enough. at least in case something forbid not, happen to anyone of us in the company, the wife or the children left will get a hefty amount of money to have their life start again. i think those kinds of policies are also available for voluntary acquiring, not necessesarily available only for the company but for those who also wants his loved ones be saved.