Thursday, July 30, 2009

biz talk

When I was still studying, I used to dream of becoming a well known businessman. Why? because I love their trends, I love their way of life, their ways in dealing business and work professionally and all the works. I was able to make believe myself that someday, I will be one of the business woman on the top of the ladder in the business scene, let's say the wallstreest or wherever. But things doesn't always turn out the way we all want it to be, there are times that the opposite of what you used to dream will become your life and just by thinking about it, the before dreams can never be come true anymore. But I have already accepted that fact, although I am still at times thinking of maybe who knows, I can still be able to fulfill that dreams and be able to enter the stock market world with my head up hight, you know, me, dealing with the other business professionals talking about the positive output of options screener over coffee! Now that's sounds nice isn't?