Sunday, March 01, 2009

making you pretty

Been talking about my interest on getting myself in one of those famous beauty schools in my other blogs, and yes, of course I would also write it in here. This is my blog anyways, so I can write whatever I want. So there, speaking of getting another course or learning, one of my dream is to be able to enter the fashion scene there is, no not as a model, for sure I wouldn't get in. But as a make up artist and fashion guru. Yes, dream big. But who knows, one day I can get myself enrolled at Regency Beauty Institute, the most famous beauty school like cosmetology schools in indiana, US that caters vasts courses that has to do with beauty and fashion. This institution has been running good for more than fifty years now and that makes them the most founded and desired school to get in by the fashionista's all over the world and the wanna be's just like me!


Mikes said...

This is a very unique blogsite. keep it up! hope you can visit mine and leave some comments as well. more power~