Saturday, February 14, 2009

missing them

Some friends from my previous company came over here at our house for a little get together slash dinner slash mini drinking session, it has been months since we last saw each other thus making our night full of talks and gossips and whatnots. They even brought me a cake and two bottles of my ever favorite sparkling white wine, making it a post birthday celebration too! It was really touching, that even after not seeing each other for some time the bond and the friendship remain still. And that is one of the many things why I still up to now misses my work, technically, its not the my work or my daily tasks that I missed, its the friendship and the company that embraces me in that small four walled building. Anyways, we call it off a few minutes before ten because they still have early shifts tomorrow plus my friend Paula has to finish her tasks and help our purchasing friend who needs Electronic Components suppliers, a very huge responsibility I must say. So we just capped the night with some vague plans regarding our family day out together with the other friends in the office, hopefully by next month before the summer ends. Oh, I can't wait!