Thursday, December 20, 2007

pasyal day

to continue with the Sunday pasyal of the family, we went to MOA to do some Christmas shopping but failed since it was so hard to look for items when there are so many people inside each shops. we should have went during weekdays. darn. so what we did is just to the rounds and took pictures :) there are so many people having their photos taken at the big Christmas tree of hope so inggitera that we are... we pose too! hahaha... usually it was the husband who took pictures and sometimes my sister because i'm busy window shopping! hehehe... then it hit me, my baby is no longer a baby! we are now in search for toddler clothes, usually fit for a 1 year old kid, gone are the months old dresses. how i miss shopping stuffs for Olin, and when i check out this infant store i saw this cute amby baby, i fell in love with it for the first time, so girly! but Olin wouldn't fit in it already, if only i saw this before we could have get one! maybe for our next baby! :) lol
here are some of the photos... there are still so much more but i'm keeping it for the meantime to be use as fillers! lol.