Thursday, December 20, 2007

Olin and Santa

Olin and Santa's first meeting! good thing i brought along with me my camera that's why we're able to get a descent photo with Santa Clause at MOA during our last visit... photo opt is actually located under the uber big Christmas tree of Hope but only until 4pm, and when we are almost near the line the guard just had drop the signage 'close' darn! so we run after Santa and ask him if we can have picture with him,first time for my see Santa's really nice talaga... he even talks to Olin! and the lil' girl wasn't afraid of him! nice... the husband took the photo thus making him out of the picture, howell next time it will be the whole family photo opt with Santa! maybe who knows, someday when we get to have a photo opt with Santa we are already wearing some cool volcom clothing because of the cold and snowy season of Canada or US! lol, i'm just dreaming you know! :)
5 days to go before Christmas... Happy Holidays! hohohohoho!