Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my planner!

yipee! my 2008 Belle de Jour planner has arrived this morning! as in early morning.. 7am! whew! :) anyways, it has been weeks since ive'd ordered this thing but due to courier problems the BDJ team promised to have it delivered within this week. so here it is! now i'm quite excited to use this, its just so ironic. before when i was still working, i don't care if i use my planner or not, but now that i'm a 100% SAHM i have this urge to write and fill this up with a lot of stuff! i'll just buy a parker ink refill for my pen.. para feeling sosyal! hahaha...
and yeah, this planner comes with a whole lotta coupons to use for different kikay establishments! now that's what you call fab! can't wait for 2008 to start!