Wednesday, December 12, 2007

its working!

my eon-paypal churva is already working! in the processing mode already, in three days time i'll get to hold the cold cash! yeepee! :)

ok here's the story.. i was told about this thing by Mai, Lizz, Mhay and Kitts (thanks girls!) how this eon thing goes.. so there, i applied online and after 1 week i got an email from the main branch that my card is ready for pick at their Imus branch, i asked my friend Love to call and confirm if its already there, and true enough it was there already and i just have to look for this blahblah teller... so i asked the husband to accompany me, guess what?! the blahblah teller that i was supposed to look for is actually one of the die hard bitch who used to text and make landi to my husband (my bf then!) big time! hahaha! small world isn't? i mean, her face was so red and she was so aligaga the whole time we were there, she can't concentrate on what she's doing really! it was so funny lang talaga... hahaha... ok, nuff said.. :)

where am i? ah ok, so i deposited P150 for the initial transaction and waited for 2 days before my card got activated, after that, i enrolled in the cyber account and it took 5 long days not including sat and sundays before i got connected. right after i enrolled my card to my paypal account and it require me to enter the four digit expanded use number, so i emailed the customer service of my cyber account to provide me with that, 3 days after i received the expuse number and had it entered in my paypal account. voila! my paypal is ready for transferring funds to bank! yahooo!!! i made the transfer with a $5 charge for each transaction, now i'm on my 3rd waiting day because it said that it would take 5-7 days clearance time before the money becomes available in my eon card... long wait really, but it's ok. shopping time! hehehehehe...


Mai said...

naunahan mo pa ako hehe! Ako I'm still waiting for my Expanded Use Number...hopefully by next week okay na. :)