Friday, November 02, 2007


ive'd been staring my computer the whole day and waiting for opps to come, but to no avail. my PR is now 4 but for two days now opps are being hard to grab now. hay.... anyways, lemme just make kwento on how our November 1st was. together with my family we went to Love Memorial to the grave of my Grand father. we were there until 10pm last night, Olin's first to experience All Saint's day and i can say that she awed all the candle lights around the memorial park.
as expected many came to remember and celebrate the event and we were like hoping to see Nash Aguas (star circle quest winner) to come, their families grave is just beside my grand father, and unlike last year he came with a costume, but this year he never come. anyways, i'm still sleepy now and i just need to grab some opps for today that's why i'm here writing while hoping for some moolah opps to come.
be back with more stories and pictures.


Anonymous said...

wow nash aguas! sayang di mo sya nameet