Saturday, November 03, 2007

my three things

Kristine, my beautiful mommy blogger friend tag me to write about three things I can't let go of (at this time of my life, anyways). so here is my list....
  • My Laptop --- as of the moment and my internet connection is something i can't live without. i need this for that extra income, you know.
  • Soda --- a meal without it is tasteless. iced tea can sometimes fill its place though. now my tummy is getting big for carbonated intakes :(
  • Chocolates and Donuts --- something from my childhood favorites that up to now can make me smile when i get a bite of ... goodness! now i'm craving for Go Nuts Donuts. yuuummmmyyyy!
now lemme see your three things... Peachy, Litzie, Mai, LordManilaStone, Recel and Macy!