Tuesday, November 06, 2007

promised post

as promised, here is the group picture we had during our Halloween Costume Party last October 27 at my girlfriend Leah's house in Cavite City. the bunch of treaters you see here are Leah's sisters Lilet friends and my since high school bunch friends. i wasn't really sure of what to wear because the Husband was not sure if he can come because of the car show he was registered in. anyways, i came over as Kim Chui, a local artista as what tell told me, you know, just to make the most out of it scenario kinda thing. my daughter Olin, Stephanie and my sister were out of the picture when this photo were taken because the brat was sleeping that time and i was just called for the group picture taking. and yes, we had a blast, lots of food and games with prizes! i never got to join at least a single game, my brat were throwing all out her tantrums and never would let anyone carries her.only me and me only. so it was like, i-carry-her-all-the-time kinda thing. but it was ok, she was smiling although she never wanted to be carried by strangers. she loved the displayed Halloween decors surrounding the area, that she keeps on reaching and pulling. well, there goes our party! you can see more of the pics and here.