Wednesday, November 07, 2007

bday preps 101

so i wasn't able to blog the whole day yesterday, that's why i'm rushing the opps due for today. anyways, the reason i'm MIA is that we went to Divisoria yesterday. together with my mom,sis,tita and cousin Paul we were there at around 8am. the crown is still manageable that time,so we were able to roam the DV mall, Andings and Tabora area. my agenda for the trip is to buy some items for Olin's first birthday. you see, up to my i haven't decided on what theme would be her party. so i guess we'll just have a character fest! since i'ved bought different cartoon themes toys and loots for the games and souvenirs. howell, we'll just see. i can't seem to stick with one character theme kasi eh. i'm torn with Dora, Disney, Strawberry Shortcake and Hello Kitty! goodness, it is really hard pala. so there, i'm done with the toy prizes, loots for souvenirs, done with getting Strawberry Shortcake Spongebob matching plates and cups for the kids to use. we plan of separating the kids and adults buffet. so to make it a lil' cuter, cute cups and plates for the lil' tods will add to that effect. balloons and some decors were also some of the items i bought. yeah, i was supposed to meet up with blogger friend Peachy at 168 mall but she wasn't feeling well yesterday, so maybe next time. my mom on the other hand bought items for her store and much of fireworks, because a lot of people are already asking for it. and yeah, i was able to snag most of the Christmas gifts for the inaanaks and friends :) hay... still tired for the whole day walkaton. be back with more!